lauantai 21. tammikuuta 2012

Operation Smash and Grab - Feb 14th 1945

Aksu wanted to give Force on Force a try with a WWII scenario.
In it British paratroopers try to intercept a small German convoy and capture a top rocket scientist. For simplicity's sake we used the same terrain as in the previous FoF games as it was still on the table.

There was a small outpost of Jerries guarding the crossroads and just as the paras had managed to overcome these a Kubelwagen zoomed in. And a truck after that. The paras managed to finish off the Jerries in no time and didn't even hurt the scientist in process.

Here we have the outpost silenced, Kubelwagen halted and the truckful of Jerries kept in bay.

It seemed that Force on Force worked just fine with WWII troops too.
Hmmm, the club has kilos of unpainted 20mm plastics, like colonials, so using the rules for skirmishes involving Foreign Legionnaires or British redcoats would probably work too. Also doing a Finnish Civil War game has long intrigued me...

(Played: Dec 19th. GM: Aksu. British: Janne, Mr H. Germans: Aksu, Mr V.)

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