lauantai 21. tammikuuta 2012

Force on Force - Vietnam 2

Continuing with the TET '68 scenario from the previous session.

In the ruined suburbs the VC manage to close assault one American squad and even capture one wounded US soldier who is quickly carried away via the spawning point. A long march towards prisonment ensues for this unlucky GI. The remaining Americans still manage to secure both spawning points in the suburbs despite the VC's willingness to throw themselves into the fire.

By the other bridge large amounts of VC have slowly amassed and they finally open up against the Americans.

Despite of the murderous American fire the VC slowly manage to silence all the US squads. All it took was total lack of human life as squad after squad was thrown into the meat grinder -too bad we didn't keep a bodycount...

A nice game that quite nicely solved the problems involved with totally different units/tactics -small number of better equipped troops against poorly equipped hordes.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to take any pics of the rural side's hamlet -hopefully Eero has some?

(Played: Nov 7th. GM: Janne N. NVA/VC: Janne L, Mr H. Americans: Aksu, Eero, Mr V.)

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