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Libya 2011

Janne N devised us a rather topical Force on Force scenario.

There's some Libyan regulars who are emptying secret base number 45 (originally built for manufacture and storage of chemical weapons) from the gold that has been hidden in it. Leading this operation is a cousin of Gaddafi. They want to escape with their lives and as much gold as possible.

Numerous irregular Libyan freedom fighters have arrived in the vicinity and capture the gold and the cousin of the hated former leader.

Few British SAS troops are here to capture the chemical weapons in the base. And give the rebels support.

Overview of the base with rebels surrounding it from two sides.

The local sheep farmer is about to get the surprise of a lifetime!

Couple of squads of rebels manage to reach the fence but are slaughtered there almost to a man (from the leftmost one manages to survive. This guy, Ali, picks up a machine gun from a fallen comrade and later on... it is payback time.

After the positions on top of the houses have been silenced the remainder rebs on this flan surge towards the compound and the poor SAS sods, dressed in civvies, have no choice but to follow them.
The rebs occupy the positions now, as well as hold the enemy leader as prisoner on the leftmost building. But there's still plenty of stiff resistance from the remaining regulars. The other reb flank also starts to advance towards the compound.

The fire from the regulars sweeps the rebs from their positions on the left building. Ali has moved to the low middle building.

Enemy prisoners in the process of being moved away from the combat area.

Both reb technicals in action -they are rather fragile...

All the regulars have been shot to pieces.

Resultwise, everyone went into negative points, but the Brits least (their commanding officer was their only casualty) so they won.
Rebs were almost killed to the last man and none their leaders survived so they weren't able to get the gold as the rank & rile hardly knew about it. And besides there were too few of them to try to get it from the Brits after they noticed that the barrels contained something else than chemical weapons. At least they managed to capture the Gaddafi's relative alive.

(Played: Jan 16th. GM: Janne N. Libyan Army: Aksu, Mr V. Libyan rebels: Eero, Janne L. British SAS: Mr H.)

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