lauantai 18. kesäkuuta 2011

Germany 1984, Part 2

Continuing the game from previous session.
Blogger still giving grievance on some pics and turning them 90 degrees if it isnät made more square with extra space in the bottom...

The Germans have to deploy the forward dummy near the hill and Soviets move towards these troops to defend their positions in the hill.The forward units have encountered a minefield on the hill.
Germans manage to deploy a unit of motorized infantry from a dummy.
Germans looking at the contested hill.
The German motorized infantry make a command fumble and some get shot to pieces apparently by their won troops -a classic misunderstanding (or a clever spetsnaz ploy...?). Closer to the camera are retreating German recce and FO.
Soviet FOs are taking some hits and getting killed due to deviating German artillery strike.
Soviet commander moves forward to direct assets on enemy.
Not much movevent except some twiddling on the hill.Finally the Hind makes an appearance and rains wrath of god upon the Germans.
Not much progress during this turn. The Soviet sub-commander keps on failing in his command attempts.The Germans withdraw.
One T-72 got away and the other remaining is again getting pounded.
Same old, same old.The Germans are still in retreat. Plenty of stuff going to the other side of the river all the time too.
Motorized infantry manages to get few commands through.
Germans retreat and get into positions.Heavy concentration in the German left flank.
Last turn. The German motorized infanty manage to get into good defensive positions and their recce goes boldly deep towards the Soviets.

All in all a good game that moved in pretty quick fashion.
Not much happening though everyone seemed cautious of not getting pounded by the enemy as had happened to Soviets in the early game. Therefor the game kinda degenerated into asset calling match.

Soviet probe didn't reach its objective, which was kinda a pipe dream anyway. It did locate and rout out plenty of Germans and caputure the central hill. The main offensive shouldn't have too much problems taking it on from here.

(Played: Jun 6th. GM: Aksu. Soviets: Janne x2, Mr V. Germans: Andy, Mr H)

Germany 1984, Part 1

Aksu has been planning on running a Germany 1984 scenario for many a years based on Team Yankee and he finally managed to pull it off.

The first part of scenario involves Soviet avant guard probing the German defences. Germans will be using hidden setup and dummy counters are used.

The plan of attack or the Soviet avant guard. Full speed ahead and hope the Jerries don't shoot too many units on the way...
I'm on a highway to h... Kiel!
Goofing off before we begin -a lone German militia defender encounters the Soviet spearhead.
Instead of restorting to dummy counters Soviets deploy the troops immediately. A dummy counter has a move of 10cm and the actual troops 25-30 cm...In the first Soviet turn the troops surge forwards. The 2S1s are in position in the small woods and T-72s and BTR-60s encounter a minefield.
The Soviet advance so far - not bad for the first turn.
Several tanks lost due to German shooting and artillery.
Plenty of missiles fired by German Marders and Pumas. Luckily they had rather limited fields of fire. Also the FO in the hamlet directed way too much arty on the Soviets.
The Jerries were deployed right on the Soviet path.
In the center the Soviet recces and FOs didn't encounter any Germans. Some Jerry recons and FOs in the far left flank though.
Besides shooting nothing much happened during the German turn.
When the probe meets serious resistance it will try to flank.
The Soviets move to the forested hill in the center. The T-72's are either wrecked or supressed by ATMs when they try to move so they still stay at the minefield.
The Soviets change the direction of attack.Darn blogger always wanted to turn the above pic 90 degreees clockwise so I had to make a square out of it by adding some empty space to it. Go figure.

In the last turn Soviets used counterbattery fire in massive scale and as written they were overwhelmingly devastating knocking out nearly all the German artillery units. So Aksu decided to retcon and scale it down for the sake of playability.

(Played: May 23rd. GM: Aksu. Soviets: Janne x2, Mr V. Germans: Andy, Mr H)

Cold War Commander Test Game, Part 2

In the second test scenario it was the Israelites turn to attack and try to capture the Syrian held village.

The Syrian infantry is occupying the village and olive orchards on right flank. On the left flank there's some AT missles are deployed on the rough ground and tanks behind a wall further away. The Israeli's are in their attack positions in the olive orchard in the top right.
Initial positions.
The Israeli tanks move onwards and the ATMs manage to halt but not destroy one. The Israelites also do an airlanding with helicopters and the site they've chosen happens to be immediately behind the Syrian tanks. The Israeli special forces quickly dispatch the Syrian tanks and head off for the village.
Another view of the same situation.

One helicopter stand carried whopping three infantry and one command stand.
The special forces are driven away from the village with casualties. On the right flank the Israeli tanks basically ignore the feeble attempts of the infantry to stop them.
Don't worry if you didn't take the village, making short work of the tanks was already darn efficient.
The lone Syrian stand is about to be flanked and overrun.
One Syrian infantry and the command stand managed to escape from the right flank.

Another quick game in the same evening to get a grip of the rules.

(Played: May 9th. GM: Aksu. Syrians: Janne, Mr V. Israelis: Mr H)

Cold War Commander Test Game, Part 1

Aksu run a series of two quick laerning experience games with Cold War Commander for the upcoming Germany 1984 scenario that he's been planning on running for years. Originally planned to be run with Modern Spearhead but since we were quite happy with Blitzkrieg Commander the system was switched to Cold War Commander instead.

The extremely one sided test games were scenarios from Israel-Syrian war.

The Syrian tanks trundle forwards towards the Israeli occupied heights.
The anti-tank ditch looms ahead. Luckily Syrians have several bridge tanks as well as some engineers to help them cross it.
Whoa! The Israelites open fire with artillery and their Chieftains.
FO and the Chieftains watch the burning wrecks.
The Syrians aren't able to counterfire as the T-55s don't have range to the enemy fortifications.
Pressing forwards with, erm, some casualties, a few Syrian tanks manage to get to range of their enemy (or were they still short?). Anyways all the equipment and troops for crossing the ditch were destroyed at this point and Syrian artillery was ineffective against the fortified positions.
Mmmm! I love the smell of burning tanks in the morning.
To add insult to injury a F-4 Phantom decided to pay a visit.
Like shooting fish in a barrel!

The Syrians were pounded back to stone age while they did manage to make 1 or 2 points of structural damage to one Israeli bunker. Not much of a "game" but the quick game did let you get reacquinted with the rules.

(Played: May 9th. GM: Aksu. Syrians: Janne, Mr V. Israelis: Mr H)

Testing a WWII Game

We tried a new WWII game run by Andy.
The game was somewhat bloody affair even with plenty of terrain on the table and if terrain had been more sparse it would've been a murder.

Two Soviet sections prepare to scout the other end of the table.
The mg in the 2nd floor of the furthest building somewhat dominated the table and the advance of the other section turned into annihilation. Here the other section is pushing forward.

For the death of me I can't even recall the name of the system anymore...
It had its ups and downs but Andy seemed to be the only one that was clearly into the system.

(Played: April 25th. GM: Andy. Soviets: Janne, Mr V. Germans: Mr H)