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Force on Force - Vietnam

Janne N had recently started playing Force on Force and as he had immensely liked it he wanted GM a game to the rest of us so we were learning the ropes during TET '68.

In the ruined fringes of Hue some NVA troops are creeping towards a bridge guarded by US troops.

Unsurprisingly a firefight ensues.

After the initial try-out game is over a bigger scenario is begun on the same table. On the table there are several hot spots which the few US troops need to investigate/secure and thus remove from the game. The VC troops use these spots randomly as spawning points for their randomly generated reinforcements.

While section secures the bridge leading off to rural areas other US troops and a photographer move towards the ruined suburbs.

Near spawning point "3", they are ambushed by several VC units while crossing the bridge to suburbs.

Undaunted the Americans press on.

Unfortunately building the terrain and playing the first game too so big a slice of our gaming time that we had to leave the game waiting to be finished the next time. The rules needed very little explaining and flowed very well. Everyone was impressed by them.

(Played: Oct 24th. GM: Janne N. NVA/VC: Janne L, Mr H. Americans: Aksu, Eero, Mr V.)

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