lauantai 21. tammikuuta 2012

Gemiyear 2011 in Review

Quite a solid year all in all.
Started off with playing some of Mr H's GREAT Paul Carrell influenced scenarios with Battleground WWII. Also missed some game days due to people having personal matters requiring attention.

Late May Aksu finally managed to present us the Germany 1984 game that has been talked about for years. This was originally going to be played using Modern Spearhead, but we decided to switch over to Cold War Commander which is a more solid set of rules.

Summer was quiet on the game front, as usual. Weekend at the countryside and summer vacations etc. At Chris' we managed to play one game of Regimental Fire & Fury with 10mm figures, a project Chris has been doing with Andy.

In the autumn gaming started with new vigor and in WWII games Battleground WWI was replaced by I Ain't Been Sot Mum, although we did give the more complex TooFatLardies ruleset, Troops, Weapons & Tactics, also a good ol' try. Autumn also brought Janne N with Force on Force which was immediately a hit among us.

And finally ACW rules at Chris started again. The schedule seems to be that on odd weeks we play at the clubroom and on the even weeks we play ACW at chateu d'Tenwolde.

If for some reason an ACW game can't be played, as a backup plan we are prepared to start processing the unpainted plastic at the clubroom -that is, start a sweatshop production line with them.

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