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Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, Vienna

Janne went to Vienna for a weekend so visit to local army museum or Heeresgeschichtliches Museum was in order.

One thing that is prominent in Vienna prior to christmas is the christmas market. It would seem that every open space in the city centre is filled with the small huts selling all sort of christmas related things. It would seem tha a quarter of the huts sell gluchwein and punc which the locals just seem to love. Here's the view in front of the rathaus aka. city hall.

On the left is the gatehouse-esque building in front of the army museum.
On the right is the actual museum building which suprisingly has some near eastern influences.

On the left is the entry hall which has its pillars surrounded by local war heroes.
On the right is the upstairs entry hall with its high dome and paintings.

The photography permit costs around an euro and don't even dream about taking pics without it!
Sorry about the reflections from the cabins. It is more or less unavoidable.

An Austrian dragoon accompanied by infantry officer and private. Note that the infantry uniform is far from pure white, and the felt was really coarse and most certainly off white.

An Austrian grenadier.

On the left a hussar.
On the right, infantry officier, cuirassier and a hussar.

Austrian cuirassier & hussar.

Austrian landwehr.

Helmets for "Offizer der k k Infanteri und deutchen Kavallerie (M 1798)" and saddlecloth.

On left French shako & shako plates.
On right shako of Austrain 5th hussars that a cannonball went through on April 13th 1814. Note how flimsy the construction is. Just thin cardboard covered with a layer of velvet.

Some more captured French items, eagles, flags and headgear. Note how ever so thin and worn out the flag on the left is (like majority of the flags in the museum).

Some Austrian uniforms and muskets.

An Austrian flag.

On the left an Austrian flag of unusual design (for some reason the (#%¤! Blogger turns this picture 90 degrees...).
On the right A) Royal Pologne regiment (War of the Austrian Succession), B) & C)Prussian infantry- & cuirassierregiment no. 1 (both from the time of King Friedrich Wilhelms I), D) Bavarian cuirassierregiment (Törring ?) (18th c), E) French dragonregiment Orleans (War of the Austrian Succession).

On the left Sabre m1765 resting on top of drum, 1750.
And on the right guidons for 6 cuirassier regiments: Kürassierregiment Erzherzog Leopold, Kürassierregiment Josef Graf Lucchesi d'Abarra, Kürassierregiment Erzherzog Leopold, Kürassierregiment Franz III. d'Este Herzog von Modena, Kürassierregiment Karl Paul Graf Pálffy ab Erdöd and Kürassierregiment August Marchese Voghera.

The only aeroplane in the museum as well as an exquisetely ornamented revolver.

Some nazi embroidery and SS camo-uniform.

A couple of posters from the WWI & II exhibitions. "And you?" and "Today Red -Tomorrow Dead! Vote Anti-Marxists"

The museum also had plenty of material from 30 Years War as well as older arms and armor. Both local and Turkish. Unfortunately the tanks in the inner yard were not accessible as the yard is closed during winter months.

(Visited 27th November)

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