sunnuntai 9. tammikuuta 2011

Epic Armageddon WWII test

For quite some time now whenever we've played a larger scale game Mr V has occasionally said that GW's Epic system has several nice features in it and that these might work well in historical games too.

In light of this when we had a queit clubevening with low attendance we decided to give the rules a test drive to see how they would function.

We had a bunch of Russians (T-34s accompanied with infantry) attacking the defending Germans, who might, or might not, have had some anti-tank capability. Most likely not. Since we didn't have need for that large a gaming area we just decided to ue whatever we had left from the previous game. Heh, on the second pic you can actually clearly see a mine right next to the Russian infantry unit's yellow markers.

Initial setup & the rules.

Russian tank rider are about to assault Germans. The Russian infantry unit has taken quite a lot of incoming fire and is struggling to reorganize itself.

Overall the rules worked quite well even if only Mr V had had previous experience with them. Then again, we just concentrated on the bare basics. Best thing would be the speed of the game so I'm guessing that the biggest benefit with the use of the ruleset would come from the availability to play bigger battles quicker than previously. The success of the system certainly warrants additional games with the system!

(Played: November 8th. GM & Germans: Mr V. Soviets: Janne)

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  1. Pretty interesting - I've actually been tinkering slowly away at WW2 lists for E:A myself.

    The rules changes needed are not that big, 1-2 pages at most, simply due to the reduced scale and desire to get the rifles in on the action.

    What's this Gemigabok thingy anyway - is it a semi-secret, closed group of players or an open club? Most of your stuff mirrors my current interests.