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Battleground WWII, Jatkosota 1941

Eero had nicked a scenario from Reino Lehväslaiho's more or less autobigraphical book, Panssarisotaa (Tank Warfare). During the late summer 1941 a platoon Finnish BT-5/7 tanks supported by platoon of jaegers (who are naturally bicycle mounted) have been given orders to ruthlessly push forward. While the term ruthlessly became almost a joke during 1941 as it was so overused in the orders, I'm sure it was far from funny to receive such orders!

First a couple of views on the initial round as the jaegers reach the open area.

The first squad is practically annihilated by the ambush Russians spring from the woods left.
As infantry advances in the ditches along the road, the tanks trundle forward and become targets theselves as an AA gun opens up from the forest on opposite side of the field. An AT gun joins up and quickly the road fills with burning tank wreckage.
A couple of jaeger squads start flanking the Russian infantry.
View from the Russian ATG. It might've even been destroyed by the last remaining finnish BT.

The Russians really gave the Finn a sound trashing. The rapid firing AA & AT guns firing from ambush do really nasty work against thinly armoured tanks like BT-5/7.

(Played: September 28th. GM: Eero. Soviets: Mr H & Mr V(?). Finns: Janne & JaNNe)

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