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Battleground WWII

Long time no hear -no rest for the idle, eh?

I'm in the process of updating most of the games we played during the last 6 months, but I do believe that a game or two might've gone missing due to either pics not taken or by the meltdown of my previous camera and the subsequent dissaperance of all the pics within.

Due to plenty of time elapsed between the games and these reports I'm sure that I'll get even more details than usually wrong but that is just unfortunate.

I'm pretty sure that before this game we played one with the same terrain where my Russian infantry was putting up a desperate fight against Mr V's invading German infantry that was supported by AFVs. The turning point in that battle was the lone BA-10 in the town which drove up and, astonishingly for a Russian ADV, destroyed one of the German AFVs (halftrack?) on the move. The game also involved plenty of Russian ATG dragging in the woods, wich amounted to nothing.

In this game the Russians are still holding the same positions, but now the Jerry tanks are advancing from opposite directing having gone around the Russians. Luckily the Ruskies are also getting armoured support.

The German panzers boldly race forward and get immediate results as the lumbering T-35 ignites.
Russians hustle & bustle in the woods while they again drag their support weapons around. You can also just barely see the front corner of the BA-10 behind the rightmost building.
While part of the Germans use cover and pound the Russians into submission, the res flank the Russians.
One German is hit while flanking though.
Flambeé Russo, German style.
Comrade Aksu, the "victorious" Russian tank commander.

IIRC, a clear and decisive victory for the gitlerites, even if the Russians on the other side of the river were saved by not being able to partake in the battle.

(Played: June 9th. GM: Mr H. Soviets: Aksu, Janne. Germans: Mr V)

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