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Battleground WWII, Jatkosota 1944

Mr H had dug up a suitable scenario that also could be played with the same terrain we used previously. The events are again from the same book.

During the Russian offensive of '44 a Finnish T-34 is sent to the front and as they approach an opean area they notice a squad of engineer mining the road ahead. The tank commander and one other crewmember walk to these to have a chat with them to find ut the situation. The tank is parked in the forest right next to the road.

"What-ho chaps! What seems to be the general situation here? We've been ordered to advance and give support to troops ahead."
"Ain't nuthin' but Ruskies ahead! If ya wanna head there it is on your own head"
"Ensign, sah! Ah though the tank Lt. just said that they arrived with one tank. Ah reckon' they just sent some extras to help 'em out..."
"Bloody hell! It is the Ruskies! Scram!"
And with the previous comment the truck drive hits the pedal to the metal and the only one making it to the truck is the engineer ensign. Together they flee the battlefield.
The remainder of engineers dart forward to the forest ahead asthe small forest behind them actually houses two PAK 40s and they don't want to be next to them when they begin to draw fire. The Tank men start rushing towards their tank.
To make matters worse a line of infantry emerges the forest east of the field and start running across! Luckily they turn out to be Finns who take the positions in the cover of the field next to the PAKs.
The combined fire of the undermanned tank and the PAKs wreak havok on the Russians. When the tank commnader reaches the T-34 he immediately rushes forward and finishes the last remaining Russian tank from point blank.

A very intense scenario with plenty of surprises for both sides. Good stuff!

(Played: October 11th. GM: Mr H. Soviets: Mr V. Finns: Janne)

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  1. Great stuff! When I play with PaKs, I usually have a LMG or two dug into some slit trenches to cover those crews against that infantry if they show. A panzerfaust or 2 in the trenches help to if those enemy panzers try and overrun the guns. Nothing says hello better like a HEAT rocket up the tailpipe.

    Different scale then the last battle?

  2. Thanks!
    The scale was the same, that is 1/72 (20mm).

    It would've indeed been nice to have more troops but the players didn't have any choice in the available troops. The scenario was apparently based on historical events.

    Slit trenches sound like science fiction to me, especially as these troops were starting to lay minefield straight from the move.

    Playing with sub-optimized and limited resources is fun!