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Battleground WWII, Barbarossa

Yet another early war Paul Carell -scenario from Mr H.

At dusk a squad of motorized Germans was left behind from their platoon due to a flat tire. Whe they had made repairs they followed others but failed to notice that these had at one point driven off road in order to make camp for the night. This one squad notices a small village and other trucks disembarking troops in it and stops thereo rest for the night. From the opposite other sides of the road the disembarking troops notice that something is terribly wrong -the troops on the other side of the road are the enemy!

Crappy Gemigabok night-o-vision is again enabled in this blog entry, this time with added tracers and such.

Initial setup.

On second turn the remaining squads of the German platoon arrive as they immediately started following the wayward squad when their truck passed them. The hapless German squad has barred itself in a hut and is getting fire from two squads of Soviets, MG from the one in open and one from the hut. The remaining Soviet squad is flanking the Germans from left.

While the Soviet MG in the open and half of the Soviets in the hut keeps the Germans in the hut pinned the two squads close up on the Jerries. Meanwhile the German reinforcements pile up fire against the Soviet hut which is also partly illuminated by the German truck. The German platoon leader is immediately wounded as is his Soviet counterpart in the hut.

German reinforcements of the leftmost squad have their leader and assistant leader become heroes (the assistant rolls from Knight's Cross!) who decide to to advance towards the Soviets. The other leaders do the same as well and the ones from the rightmost squad get close enough to lob some handgrenades, unfortunately while ying in the ground illuminated by their won truck. Meanwhile the other German squad is pinned by the Soviets that creep closer and closer.

With he truck lights switched off, the Germans assault the hut and majority of Soviets surrender and the Germans start pressing onward.

As the Soviets managed to assault and capture the one German squad furher up they decide to throw a molotow on the German truck and embark ther own trucks and disengage.

Once again good 8 turn scenario from Mr. H. The nightfighting went smoothly but we had some probs with the huts even if they have removable walls/roofs leaving a burned out walls and rubble on the base -some kind of layouts or such need to be done for interiors.

(Played: January 17rd. GM: Mr H. Soviets: Mr V. Germans: janne)

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