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Battleground WWII, Barbarossa

Another early Barbarossa scenario!

Germans press forward and engage Soviet units they manage to locate. Here we have a couple of motorized panzergrenadier squads assisted with pzkfw II rooting a squad of Soviet infantry supoorted by an ATR.

Close by the German panzergenadier squad supported by stug III run across three T-26s (that were already trying to shoot the far away pzkfw II and twice just ever so narrowly missing!).

Pzkfw II lays some hoorendous supressing fire with its autocannon while the panzergenadiers push forward.
The Soviet squad boldly charges forward and manage to kill nearly al lthe German infantry. The driver of the halftrack panics and back the vehicle away despite the protests of the machine gunner. Even the Soviet comissar is impressed by this bold defence of motherland.

However the stug quicly blows up one T-26 and disable one (main gun destroyed and crew abandons the vehicle). As the last remaining T-26 tries to flank the stug from the other side of the forest two Pz 38s arrive and blow it up from the move!

The Soviet infantry is undaunted by this and the platoon leader orders a general charge but dies immediately after. The troops surge forward wanting to avenge their leader and rush over the open dominated by the German panzers into the other woods and make mincemeat oout of the last remaining German infantrymen there.

The Soviet squadleader and two other decide to engage the German halftrack right next to the wood but the lone machinegunner manages to heroically defend his vehicle with his hastily grabbed entrenching tool/rifle thereby killing the last remaining attacking Soviets.

The Soviets were doing reasonably well before the arrival of German reinforcements. At least the ones fightng near stug. On the other end they were receiving a beating. The one squad in the middle didn't do anything else than crawl forward in teh field and then backward when situation beccame hopeless.

Problem is that the objective of the Soviets was to get as many troops out of the board as possible... Well, the players just didn't want to withdraw without any combat and got more involved than thay should've. Great game but horrible blunder for the Soviets.

(Played: January 3rd. GM: Mr H. Soviets: Eero, Janne. Germans: Mr V)

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