lauantai 18. kesäkuuta 2011

Wave after wave aka. Deep Pockets of Minsk

Continuing immediately where the previous session ended.

German tanks have retreated to new positions. A jerry mg section opened up from the fortified position in an attic and quickly received plenty of machine gun fire from a T-28 silencing the Germans for a while.
The Soviet second wave consisted of four sqauds of infantry, several trucks, two more Klims and a truck with ATG. The KV-2 immediately drove into the only German minefield and was destroyed. Mg fire from German infantry in the attic destroyed all but one of the Russian ATG crew and the last crewmember decided to take a hike. The initial KV-1 in the center was destroyed but the new one seemed imprevious. Soviet infantry was slowly moving forward and situation for the Pzkfw IIIs was getting all the more dire as grenade bundles were starting to expolde in their tracks and on top of the engine compartments.
One of the Pzkfw IIIs managed to slip out as it was facing a hole in the wall. The remaining were pestered by infantry. Soviet trucks seek to evade the field of fire of the same tanks.
As the heavily pounded but unpenetrated KV-1 decides to retreat from the table the Soviet third wave, some infantry and a pair of T-34s, arrive. As some of the much pounded T-26s also start showing signs of activity again the two German Pzkfw IIIs decide to make a break of it by overrunning Soviet infantry with guns ablazing rolling over quite a few and scattering the rest. In the long run this ends badly for both of them.
The crew of the T-28 recovers and decide to try to ram Germans as their main gun was shot to pieces. German return fire stops the tank in the middle of the field and the few infantrymen accompanying it start to have second thoughts.
Soviets have stopped the initial threats but are now milling about in confusion how to proceed.
The crew of the KV-1 rallies itself and the tank returns to battle. However this doesn't change a thing as the Soviets have run out of time to excape from the encirclement and have made little process so far without even encountering the inevitable German infantry (whose numbers they thought were much much bigger than they actually were).

Clear victory for the Germans with the only casualties being the two Pzkfw IIIs that lingered too long in their initial positions. Then again things would've most likely gone a bit differently for them had they known before the game begun that the hull machine guns couldnät be fired over the walls.

As with the previous one a bit one sided a game perhaps, and plenty of the units were concentrated in small area but none the less enjoyable (then again our games definately need not to be balanced). Hidden setup and not knowning the opposing forces certainly always helps to make such games more fun!

(Played: April 18th. GM: Mr H. Soviets: Aksu, Andy. Germans: Janne)

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