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Germany 1984, Part 1

Aksu has been planning on running a Germany 1984 scenario for many a years based on Team Yankee and he finally managed to pull it off.

The first part of scenario involves Soviet avant guard probing the German defences. Germans will be using hidden setup and dummy counters are used.

The plan of attack or the Soviet avant guard. Full speed ahead and hope the Jerries don't shoot too many units on the way...
I'm on a highway to h... Kiel!
Goofing off before we begin -a lone German militia defender encounters the Soviet spearhead.
Instead of restorting to dummy counters Soviets deploy the troops immediately. A dummy counter has a move of 10cm and the actual troops 25-30 cm...In the first Soviet turn the troops surge forwards. The 2S1s are in position in the small woods and T-72s and BTR-60s encounter a minefield.
The Soviet advance so far - not bad for the first turn.
Several tanks lost due to German shooting and artillery.
Plenty of missiles fired by German Marders and Pumas. Luckily they had rather limited fields of fire. Also the FO in the hamlet directed way too much arty on the Soviets.
The Jerries were deployed right on the Soviet path.
In the center the Soviet recces and FOs didn't encounter any Germans. Some Jerry recons and FOs in the far left flank though.
Besides shooting nothing much happened during the German turn.
When the probe meets serious resistance it will try to flank.
The Soviets move to the forested hill in the center. The T-72's are either wrecked or supressed by ATMs when they try to move so they still stay at the minefield.
The Soviets change the direction of attack.Darn blogger always wanted to turn the above pic 90 degreees clockwise so I had to make a square out of it by adding some empty space to it. Go figure.

In the last turn Soviets used counterbattery fire in massive scale and as written they were overwhelmingly devastating knocking out nearly all the German artillery units. So Aksu decided to retcon and scale it down for the sake of playability.

(Played: May 23rd. GM: Aksu. Soviets: Janne x2, Mr V. Germans: Andy, Mr H)

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