lauantai 18. kesäkuuta 2011

Cold War Commander Test Game, Part 1

Aksu run a series of two quick laerning experience games with Cold War Commander for the upcoming Germany 1984 scenario that he's been planning on running for years. Originally planned to be run with Modern Spearhead but since we were quite happy with Blitzkrieg Commander the system was switched to Cold War Commander instead.

The extremely one sided test games were scenarios from Israel-Syrian war.

The Syrian tanks trundle forwards towards the Israeli occupied heights.
The anti-tank ditch looms ahead. Luckily Syrians have several bridge tanks as well as some engineers to help them cross it.
Whoa! The Israelites open fire with artillery and their Chieftains.
FO and the Chieftains watch the burning wrecks.
The Syrians aren't able to counterfire as the T-55s don't have range to the enemy fortifications.
Pressing forwards with, erm, some casualties, a few Syrian tanks manage to get to range of their enemy (or were they still short?). Anyways all the equipment and troops for crossing the ditch were destroyed at this point and Syrian artillery was ineffective against the fortified positions.
Mmmm! I love the smell of burning tanks in the morning.
To add insult to injury a F-4 Phantom decided to pay a visit.
Like shooting fish in a barrel!

The Syrians were pounded back to stone age while they did manage to make 1 or 2 points of structural damage to one Israeli bunker. Not much of a "game" but the quick game did let you get reacquinted with the rules.

(Played: May 9th. GM: Aksu. Syrians: Janne, Mr V. Israelis: Mr H)

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