lauantai 18. kesäkuuta 2011

Germany 1984, Part 2

Continuing the game from previous session.
Blogger still giving grievance on some pics and turning them 90 degrees if it isnät made more square with extra space in the bottom...

The Germans have to deploy the forward dummy near the hill and Soviets move towards these troops to defend their positions in the hill.The forward units have encountered a minefield on the hill.
Germans manage to deploy a unit of motorized infantry from a dummy.
Germans looking at the contested hill.
The German motorized infantry make a command fumble and some get shot to pieces apparently by their won troops -a classic misunderstanding (or a clever spetsnaz ploy...?). Closer to the camera are retreating German recce and FO.
Soviet FOs are taking some hits and getting killed due to deviating German artillery strike.
Soviet commander moves forward to direct assets on enemy.
Not much movevent except some twiddling on the hill.Finally the Hind makes an appearance and rains wrath of god upon the Germans.
Not much progress during this turn. The Soviet sub-commander keps on failing in his command attempts.The Germans withdraw.
One T-72 got away and the other remaining is again getting pounded.
Same old, same old.The Germans are still in retreat. Plenty of stuff going to the other side of the river all the time too.
Motorized infantry manages to get few commands through.
Germans retreat and get into positions.Heavy concentration in the German left flank.
Last turn. The German motorized infanty manage to get into good defensive positions and their recce goes boldly deep towards the Soviets.

All in all a good game that moved in pretty quick fashion.
Not much happening though everyone seemed cautious of not getting pounded by the enemy as had happened to Soviets in the early game. Therefor the game kinda degenerated into asset calling match.

Soviet probe didn't reach its objective, which was kinda a pipe dream anyway. It did locate and rout out plenty of Germans and caputure the central hill. The main offensive shouldn't have too much problems taking it on from here.

(Played: Jun 6th. GM: Aksu. Soviets: Janne x2, Mr V. Germans: Andy, Mr H)

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