lauantai 18. kesäkuuta 2011

Cold War Commander Test Game, Part 2

In the second test scenario it was the Israelites turn to attack and try to capture the Syrian held village.

The Syrian infantry is occupying the village and olive orchards on right flank. On the left flank there's some AT missles are deployed on the rough ground and tanks behind a wall further away. The Israeli's are in their attack positions in the olive orchard in the top right.
Initial positions.
The Israeli tanks move onwards and the ATMs manage to halt but not destroy one. The Israelites also do an airlanding with helicopters and the site they've chosen happens to be immediately behind the Syrian tanks. The Israeli special forces quickly dispatch the Syrian tanks and head off for the village.
Another view of the same situation.

One helicopter stand carried whopping three infantry and one command stand.
The special forces are driven away from the village with casualties. On the right flank the Israeli tanks basically ignore the feeble attempts of the infantry to stop them.
Don't worry if you didn't take the village, making short work of the tanks was already darn efficient.
The lone Syrian stand is about to be flanked and overrun.
One Syrian infantry and the command stand managed to escape from the right flank.

Another quick game in the same evening to get a grip of the rules.

(Played: May 9th. GM: Aksu. Syrians: Janne, Mr V. Israelis: Mr H)

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