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Out of the Minsk Pocket

Son of Midtown Madness aka. The Return of Russians

This Battleground WWII scenario is continuation from the previous one. It is now the next morning (June 26th '41). Germans are expecting a breakout and the tanks have been placed in more forward positions. The few infantry units are guarding the eastern bank of the river. All he Jerries are using hidden setup which is kinda nifty as otherwise the Soviets would immediately see how few Germans are opposing them.

The Russian tanks charge into scene trying to escape to... west? The T-26s have tankriders on them.
The ambushing German tanks open up from the close range but do surprisingly little damage. Just one T-26 is ablaze and the command T-26 has had its main gun knowed out (in addition to the crew being stunned). Unfortunately the hull machine guns of PzkfwIIIs are unable to fire over the rock wall.
As the Russian infantry dismounts and hides in the fields the retreating Germans manage to knock out the main gun from both the T'28's and the other starts to put out smoke too -funnily enough from the hits it took from Pzkfw II (apparently some kind of richochets to its underbelly...).
The Germans keep on pounding the Russian tanks but to little visible effect.
While the KV-1 lumbers slowly forward the Germans retreat to new positions with the exception of the Pzkfw IIIs on the right flank.
The Pzkfw IIIs start to attract attention from the Soviet infantry some of whom are creeping towards the tanks and others are looking out for any unhappy tankers to take a peek.

Oops, it seems that no pics were taken during the final round when Soviet second wave came in...

(Played: March 28th. GM: Mr H. Soviets: Aksu, Andy. Germans: Mr V, Janne)

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