keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011

Slonim – To Take and Hold

Still more early Barbarossa Battleground WWII goodness.
Also tried new simplified cc rules.

Germans have encircled a large amount of Soviets around the town of Slonim and are expecting tehm to try to break out. Here we have German tanks supported by some little infantry guarding the railway bridge.
Three truck of engineers arrive to the town along with some AA halftracks. They have orders to secure the remaining bridges.
All the hell breaks loose as Soviets hidden in the town ambush the German convoy. Luckily Molotov coctails have been handed out to butterfingers and all of them explode in the hands of their users! Which doesn't really help the poor jerries shot to pieces at point blank range.
The last AA halftrack drove away from the ambush alley and started setting up in support of an engineer squad but the ambushers just dragged their Maxim to that side of the building and ripped the jerries a new one! The second trcuk halted just after the square and the Germans assaulted the building on the left (a synagogue no less) only to be thrown out.
Flaming German vehicles was the name of the game. The first truck did manage to drive away unscathed and can just barely been seen in the woods outside the town on top left. The ambushing units are placed right next to the building side they are located in since putting them inside these old Warhammer buildings is an impossibility. The last engineer squad that had parked on the other side of the square actually managed to capture the red building and kill/capture the Soviets defending it in a bloody melee.

(Played: February 28th. GM: Mr H. Soviets: Aksu. Germans: Mr V, Janne)

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