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Morning Milk

Another Battleground WWII early Barbarossa scenario from Paul Carrell books.
More or less direct continuation of the previous game.

The area has been shelled and as the dawn breaks a Soviet platoon arrives to the scene in trucks.
The platoon wanders about.
Suddenly a machine gun opens up on one of the Soviet squads and the surviving troops scatter about to the woods.
A lone German MG34 has opened up and caused dissarray in Soviet troops.
While their broken comrades seek shelter in a shellhole more stalvart troopers start to milk the lone cow.
Soviets seek positions here and there and some additional Germans arrive to the edge of the same woods as the MG.
A hut is being contested by both sides. The Germans draw the shorter straw and lose half a squad from their two available squads (that were spending the night in the woods). But the Soviets also have to retreat. In the pic we stll have the Jerries alive but soon some grenades made short order of them.
Having scattered the Soviets from the woods left the Germans press forward. Plenty of Soviets are in no fighting condition (markers: yellow = broken, orange = light wound, pink = gun jammed, green = prone)
The Soviet platoon leader tries to put a sembalance of a line behind the fence while unluckier soldier crawls towards his fellows.
When al the Soviets in the vicinity have been broken, Hans & Jürgen, who had been getting morning milk from the cow when the Soviets arrived, finally arise from the shellhole they were hiding in. They actually were spotted by a broken Soviet soldier running to the safety of the hut (which has it's exterior removed for easier access to troops).
Aksu shows off the fare well present he got from workmates when he left UK, a pipe that has a laser pointer! Would be even nicer if you could smoke with it (even if Aksu doesn't smoke...)
Bits of Soviet resistance that were clobbered into submissing with raking fire from one MG34.
Soviet platoon leader managed to rally himself while Hans and Jurgen were sneaking behing the hut. Since all Soviet squads were broken with 50%+ casualties they weren't going to be rallied permanently and as Germans had lost a quarter of the troops trying to take the hut GM decided that the fate of the battle would quickly be resolved in a close combat extravaganza between the Soviet platoon leader and Hans & Jürgen. Hans was killed but Jürgen clobbered the platoon leader into submission and returned to the other Germans with half a platoon of Soviet prisoners.

Soviets had to endure the initial ambush salvo from the lone MG34 (other Jerries were sleeping at that time) and Janne got pretty darn good results from it. Later on he raked the Soviets into submission with the MG. The other Janne managed to lose half of his already depleted squad (Hans & Jürgen were hiding behind the Soviet lines almost the whole game) which threatened to turn the tide but the remainder of the squad promptly put the end to the Soviet advance.

But had the initial ambush salvo resolved differently the Germans would've most likely been in dire straits since there were so few of them.

(Played: February 21st. GM: Mr H. Soviets: Aksu. Germans: Janne times two)

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