keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011

More Midtwon Madness at Slonim

Continued from the previous session

Soviets were bent on destroying German vehicles as they tended to fir eupon them until they ignited.
Burning engineer truck with plenty of explosives usually ends up like this sooner or later. The Germans had already moved away from it but the house next to the explosion did have Soviets in it...
Th remnants of the 2nd engineer squad were hiding in the bush badly beaten, but nevertheless they managed to stop and drive away a squad of Soviets from getting into close combat. At this point the synagogue was attracting plenty of fire from the 1st engineer squad and the command tank from the edge of the twon. The engineers and the tank infantry were also creeping forward equipped with plenty of explosives.
In light of this the Soviets decided tohightail it to the west... To the east you can also just barely see the German tank that was kept at bay by a couple Soviet ATRs.

A clear victory to the Soviets!
Then again, it was nearly impossible to get any other result as the initial ambush is always bound to be devastating! Good stuff anyways, the experimental close combat rules worked reasonably well and certainly made the game quicker. They were adopted from the Too Fat Lardies rules I ain't been Shot Mum.

(Played: March 14th. GM: Mr H. Soviets: Aksu, Andy (!). Germans: Mr V, Janne)

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