sunnuntai 1. huhtikuuta 2012

Force on Force -Lebanon 2006

IDF is supressing local insurgents while Hezbollah is preparing for ambush.

Some of the terrain.
DHL, Excellence. Simply Delivered -they really deliver everywhere...
Closeup on the bombed out school bus. Notice the dove of peace sitting on the remains.
IDF organizing their approach.
A couple of turns in. The Merkavas on the back have been ambushed (badly) by anti-tank missiles and in the front the only natives the IDF forces can see are the two protesting mobs.
Most of the natives consisted of local insurgents but there were also some proper Hezbollah troops present.
Amidst these suddenly drives a green pickup which stops at the crossroads.
And a couple of UN observers come of of the truck causing IDF to limit their firepower to hand weapons and tank machine guns.

In the end this didn't really matter that much as as there was no time limit and IDF could thus proceed wisely with extreme caution. So they pretty much annihilated all the natives suffering only like 2 wounded casualties as well as one scrapped tank which can be seen in the last pic.

Janne L
(Played: Mar 12th. GM: Janne N. Hezbollah: Aksu, Janne L. IDF: Chris, Mr. H, Mr V.)

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  1. I'm curious, which figure scale do matchbox toy cars and the like correspond to?

  2. They are pretty good for 1/72 ie 20 mm gaming. That's what we use in the game above.