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Force on Force -Falklands

We played our first scenarios of the Falklands War and both were from the invasion. they were also kinda linked. The Brit had some two squads which were to be divided between the barracks at Moody Brook, the observation post in the coast and a patrol roaming the countryside.

Because of the wonders of modern technology we are able to present to you both clearly discernible pictures of the events as well as pictures of how the actual troops perceived what was going on.

In the cover of night an Argie force is creeping towards the barracks at Moody Brook. besides a MG team on guard duty, all the Brits are sleeping. Operating at night is mighty difficult since every time you want to fire when the enemy is not withing half effective rage, you got to spot the target first -no spotting means no fire.

Two thirds of the Argie force was special forces ninjas that couldn't be spotted at all when outside half effective range and when they were closer you had to roll to spot. What a coincidence that they also carried suppressed SMGs which were, erm, rather effective at close quarters.

Brits managed to wound like two or three Argies, but after surrendering only one Brit was unscathed and two lightly wounded. Two or three were dead and the rest were heavily wounded. The Argies had orders to use minimum force so the operation went kinda south in that regard...

In next scenario a small Argie force consisting of two small squads and a MG section was to capture a British observation post. The Argies deployed the MG section in the hilly area to give covering fire and closed in. Pretty soon the small British patrol also entered table ad it took quite a while for the Argies to shoot them down.

After which they had little options but to engage fully in order to capture the OP before dawn. The OP managed to beat down the Argentinian sqaad that entered melee and even captured a prisoner while the sun rose (on that part of the Empire...)

The night rules were OK, but the stealth rules for the "ninjas" seemed excessive.

Janne L
(Played: Mar 26th. GM: Janne N. Argies: Aksu, Mr H. Brits: Janne, Mr V.)

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