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BKC Bagration Campaign, Scenario 1 (Part 1)

Wanna play this scenario?
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Last Monday we started the actual new recce battalion campaign.

On the evening of June 26th the Russian 16th Guards Rifle Corps keep on pressing forwards commended by Mr H and Chris and their objective is to eliminate the Hitlerites and capture the bridge. The elements consist of Tank battalion of lend-lease Shermans, Infantry battalion with some attached SU-76s and an assault battalion of SMG troops, engineers and flame thrower equipped KV-1s.

The objective of German panzer kampfgruppe, commanded by Mr V, is to evacuate the badly mauled retreating remnants of XXVII Corps, commanded by Janne, and hold the bridge. The panzergruppe has a company of Tigers as well as elements from our campaign's recon battalion -mainly different half-tracks, some infantry and some mobile flak units. The disorganized remnants of of XXVII Corps consist of an infantry battalion and a panzer IV company as well as a FO for artillery. Unfortunately, having just received a royal pummeling from the Ruskies their command values are extremely low.

Once again, Aksu provided the scenario and Andy GMed it.

Below's the initial German setup.
Main idea for the Germans was to use the CIC of the kampfgruppe to command the XXVII Corps (located in the crossroads in the middle of the table) very quickly off table by using the road bonus to command (no command distance penalty), leaving only the FO on the table. And then to inflict horrendous casualties to the advancing Russians.

Kampfgruppe depoys some units in the town sector and Tigers in the cover of the field.

However even with command value 9 the kampfgruppe's CIC unfortunately only manages to make two moves for XXVII Corps. Russian units start entering the table sporadically and from random points. The first one to arrive is the tank battalion and naturally it arrives from the optimum point of German right flank and starts blasting up the poor remnants of XXVII Corps which is quickly broken. Only the tanks, Fo and some few platoons manage to to make it to the safety.

In pincher-like maneuver the assault battalion arrives from German left flank and starts advancing in the cover of the forest.

The Russian tank battalion is deployed to the left of the forest in the German right flank and thus discourage the Tigers from committing themselves -the terrain is favourable to the Russians as it limits the visibility to 80cm denying the Tigers the range advantage. Then again the Russians also fear the Tigers and both sides are locked in a Mexican standoff. However, to break this standoff the Russian infantry battalion, spearheaded by the SU-76s, starts arriving in trucks via the road next to the tank battalion.

The assault battalion, after several totally failed command activations, takes the town next to the Tiger -occupied field causing some flank threat to the Germans. The assault battalion doesn't seem THAT eager to commit itself against the Tiger supported sporadic Germans though...

The German engineers build a pontoon bridge over the river. The attracts many more Germans as the Russian tank battalion has now advanced to the forest on the German right flank and is having a field day blowing up German half-tracks etc

The random entry worked like a charm for the Russians and the immediately managed to make mincemeat out of the retreating German infantry. The current situation is horrible for the Germans since they are outmaneuvered and out manned. To start retreating would extremely likely mean destruction and Tigers turning tail would surely cause a massive shooting fest against their rear armour and thereby at least suppression followed on by later destruction. The only hope is to stand fast and wait for reinforcements or approaching dark.

Günther, we are now earnik either iron or wooden crozzes...


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