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Battle of Boonville

Troops from both sides arrive to the field. The farm is already occupied by the best troops the Confederates have.

The Confederate defense line.

Union troops organize their attack.

The Confederate flanking threat is immediately halted and routed by the first Union salvo earning the fleeing unit the dreaded chicken marker.

The Confederate reinforcements join the line in time to receive the Union attack and plug the gap made by other fleeing battalion.

As the firefight continues both routing Confederate battalions reform and move back towards the fray. Union infantry mounts an attack against the farm.

The farm defenders drive the attacking Union infantry away but the situation doesn't exactly improve for them as Union artillery starts pounding them.

Confederate mounted infantry has managed to secure the flank.

Both units involved in the farm fighting are no routing -the Confederates from the artillery fire.

More Confederates start running towards the hills...

...until finally there's no one to defend the fence line against the Union troops

The 10mm Confederate mounted infantry.

The mighty Union chicken troops.

"How far are my routed troops fleeing?"

"Hot diggity dang, ah say that we draw the line... here!"

When he heard that we were going to play a ACW game, Janne N supplied Aksu, Janne and Mr V with mighty fine ACW ties he had bought on his travels. The guys all dressed like gentlemen and wore these fine garments to surprise Chris who didn't even notice them. Until he was told about them at the end of the game -cheers!

Considering the long break (and the fact Janne and Aksu hadn't played it yet), we fought the Battle of Boonville again, since it is a nice introductory scenario. The Confederate Missouri State Guard was defending a vital crossroads (and chicken coop), which was being attacked by the lead elements of the Union army's Northern Missouri Column. The CSA troops were about as bad as you can get ... Green, Unreliable, and armed with grandpa's old squirrel guns. The Union troops were better armed (with smoothbore muskets, and even bayonets), were also Green, but were Reliable troops. The Union was also led by a Gallant general, while the CSA was led by an Able general ... who got himself shot on the first round of fire and was replaced by a Poor subordinate!

The Union deployed their strong infantry and single artillery battery in the open ground to the south of the crossroads, intent on rolling up the southern line. The Confederates made an attempt to distract them by advancing a regiment through the woods on the north flank ... only to have it shot to pieces by combined canister and musketry and rout!

Although this was not a promising start (especially with the general being killed as well), reinforcements in the form of a large regiment of infantry and a small regiment of mounted infantry arrived to bolster the southern flank just as the Union started its attack. Despite their advantages (partially countered by the Confederate position along a sunken road), the Union troops were thrown back several times as they tried to assault the line with the bayonet, and the Confederates even managed a brief and glorious counter-attack from the farmstead at the crossroads, routing a Union regiment. However, as casualties from fire (and several routs) began to mount, the poor quality of the southern troops, combined with poor leadership, disorder, and some low rolls eventually resulted in the majority of their forces retreating from battle just as the Union troops appeared stalled. Although the Union had won (again), it was a hard fought battle and certainly gives some measure of hope to the rebel forces that they could do better in the future.

We managed about 12 turns in about 3 hours of play (although we also spent some time before and after with rules talk and such), so I continue to think that Regimental Fire & Fury is a good choice for the period, and with more play I'm sure we'll be zipping right along.

Wikipedia entry of the battle

Janne (afteraction report by Chris & pics by Aksu)
(Played: Nov 28th at Chateu d'Tenwolde. GM: Chris. Confederates: Janne, Chris. Union: Aksu, Mr V.)

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